FREEEZING still………waiting to warm up!!


IMG_9318 IMG_9316 IMG_9345 IMG_9304 IMG_9305 IMG_9294To be honest I took these photos a few weeks back, thinking it would be the last of the winter freeze (well for us here) I know that it gets MUCH COLDER in other places around this planet of ours.   But just as I was feeling those warming sun rays on my back while having my morning cuppa only several days ago, thinking hmmmmm (I’m prepared) to go through the yearly ritual of having the pleasure of runny eyes, blowing my nose, the feeling of a constant cold, sneezing till it hurts & the BEST OF ALL – PUFFY BLOODSHOT EYES.  Having to explain to people whilst in the middle of a conversation that “I am just wiping my eyes, because I get hay fever – NOT because I am overwhelmed with emotion!” I consider that it is only for a season and I could have something much more debilitating, after all I am going to be celebrating my 48th year! I can hear that saying ‘toughen up PRINCESS’ well I can & will toughen up for THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO LIFE IN SPRING!!!! The flowers, veggies, fruit, the food, the general feeling of wanting to be out and about – ooops speaking of which TODAY is the return of a local country market after it’s Winter break as there are so many outside stalls. I have been trying to remember their motto??? Make it, Bake it, Grow it, Sew it! I think that’s how it goes and it is one of those things that nowadays people LOVE TO VISIT funny how the past makes a come back!!? I can almost smell the onions on the barbie at the scout sausage sizzle – I SO DON’T MISS THAT EVERY 2 MONTHS/: Better get on with it – it only happens on the 2nd Saturday of the month & today on my planting by the moon it says today is a good day(: I’m off to the Rokeby Market (can you see me skipping around all the plant stalls?????)  If I get a good buy I might just post again later today?


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