Hmmm about me…….I am NOT that comfortable to talk about me – I know I’m different (that bit is ok) I am just NOT SURE what to write.  I am a truly ‘hands on’ person and wear MY HEART on my sleeve LOUD & PROUD, passionate about the people & animals I share my home/farm with.  I live on a small hobby farm in the STUNNING WEST GIPPSLAND AREA, that also makes the MOST INCREDIBLE RAINBOWS  with my two AMAZING children grown & flown the coup – I spend my working days with kids with special needs &  fortunate enough to share my farm & animals with several young kids providing respite.  I love working in the garden especially with my pet ducks and chooks and get a kick from sharing the eggs with loved ones also the produce from veggies, fruit, herbs and flowers.  It has been a LONG HELD DREAM to grow and use my own produce (especially if I can concoct my own recipe to suit) people often say they enjoy my cooking – shhhhhh please DON’T EVER INTERROGATE MY CHOOKS they have ALL THE MAD RECIPES FAILURES.  I will admit I am a DREAMER…..of all sorts of things especially  inventions to use around my little farm if you could look into my mind there are AMAZING THINGS GOING ON…….but if I cannot get it done straight away it often ends up with all the UFO’s in a container stashed away with all the other paraphernalia – I hate the thought I am a HOARDER hmmm preferring to say I am a historian, an environmentalist & a keeper of precious memories, articles (that may come in handy ONE DAY) I can waffle with the best of them – so I will STOP HERE & if you would like to stop here and check things out WELCOME & THANKS I HOPE YOU ENJOY!!


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