Something ALWAYS pops up to CHEER ME UP(:


IMG_8053 IMG_9821 IMG_9523This is ‘Rocky’ – If I was to choose a name for a pet/friend that I would have in my life for a potentially well over 80years I would have chosen something different. We were paired up over 18 years ago when he was the tender age of 7 and has been the MOST AMAZING company to not only me BUT for ANYONE including other animals around the farm.  He arrived on a Saturday morning and by the following Sunday afternoon was CAUSING ALL SORTS OF CONFUSION for my ducks as I was trying to herd them into their run.  I was calling “duck, duck, duck” and he started “DUCK, DUCK, DUCK!!!” I could hardly believe my ears that was only the 2nd time he had heard me call them???? Well the antics of Rocky continue on – depending on what sort of day he is having, I also believe in my heart that ALL animals must experience their ‘good days & BAD DAYS’.  I know when he is not his usual happy mischievous self, he is not calling out or wanting to interact in his funny voices & he has many for every occasion. His very latest activity is digging out in the corner of his cage & to add to this he is doing what I like to call his Tim Robbins (Shawshank Redemption) impersonation, by scratching stones up against the metal cladding. YOU THINK I’M EXAGGERATING????? Seriously he has been so hard at this task for several weeks, I could hear this noise didn’t think much of it (because I often pop things in there for him to play with or tear apart) and didn’t investigate the new noise straight away……THEN I went over and he acted like a NAUGHTY TODDLER with that “What, Who? ME????” look OH MY GOURD!!! He has made a hole through the aluminium I couldn’t see it at first because he would stop and immediately move away & if I didn’t clear off so he could get back to his job – he would distract me with some chatting & mucking around.  This was going on for a few days then ONE DAY I decided to sneak up on him and catch him off guard – well this particular time it was afternoon and the reason I found the damage was because the SUNSHINE was shinning through it!!!!! Lucky for me I have always held a dream of building a much bigger more BEAUTIFUL cage for him & it has finally WELL ALMOST come to fruition – have acquired a second hand cage that will be recycled into a BRILLIANT new home for him!!! I am so excited (: but that is where I must stop I will post some photos as it ALL TAKES PLACE & let you know how the big move goes…….CYA later xx


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