Motherly love


What a roller coaster this time last week, I was in the hospital supporting my daughter – labour had started.

My entire world was about to change FOR EVER!

I wasn’t sure just how helpful I would be?

I didn’t deliver either of my children by normal delivery. I had health issues and was not allowed to go into labour because of the risk to my baby and myself.

Therefore what would I know? How could I help? How will I support my daughter through THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE in her life?

Because of where she lives there were no anti natal classes, no hands on learning with her husband or other expectant mothers. No hospital in case of early complications.

So everything she knew was by her own inner mother knowing. It was INCREDIBLE TO WITNESS. It was the whole package of emotions. I was nervous, in awe, there were some funny things (very early on) the unknown prior information. The excitement of not knowing what gender the baby would be, ONLY CARING FOR A HEALTHY BABY AND MOTHER.

In the past I had RARELY gone into fight for my kids, or for myself on that count. But as new staff would present themselves for the new shift I felt compelled to let them know that my girl has a high threshold of pain and if she is asking for help or showing distress THAT IS HER DOING IT HARD!

Oh my good goodness………..I have been so busy that I am only catching UFO’s.  Yes unfinished objects – or jobs or generally just NOT FINISHING THINGS FULL STOP!

FAST FORWARD to today almost 15months later, my DAUGHTER has embraced motherhood with such knowing and I am SO INCREDIBLY PROUD of everything she does. Fortunately she is supported by a WONDERFUL husband – who is THE MOST DOTING Dad to my ADORABLE GRAND DAUGHTER.

Now, only now have I been brave enough to look back at the short footage I filmed at the time of birth.  Things didn’t quiet go smoothly at the birth, no fault of anyone not doing their job. Just how things went.  I will say every birth is a MIRACLE. To have a mother and a baby both be SAFE AND WELL IS A BLESSING.

Today I can say I am THE HAPPIEST Mum, Mother In-Law and Mema in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.



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