Who stole several months from my Calendar? 


To say life has been busy is an understatement…..but EVERYONE seems to be busy. Quick catch up from my last entry in May will say that still with a heavy he❤️rt I took my beloved Lily Girl to the vet for the very last time. She didn’t want to leave & secretly I had wished for her to go in her sleep. But I felt in my heart that it was up to me to be brave for the both of us. Louie was such a comfort during that time and continues to be very intuitive when it comes to how I’m feeling. Louie’s bone 🍖 cake 🎂 wearing his party hat

He found his missing toy Tiger 🐯 that had been missing for weeks All worn out after a play date with over 40 other Cavoodles Waiting while I meditate in the morning sunshine ☀️ Helping in the garden👏Letting his fur sister Ava take him for a walk????😜

Louie is an ALLROUNDER…..I tell him EVERYDAY “YOU ARE THE BEST BOY EVER!” I will be back very soon with LOTS of photos of all that has been going on – in my little Rainbow Farm. 

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