IMG_2748The sun is SO BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL and helping to melt the frost off every surface including Shorty’s mane & beard, he was a cold and grumpy boy!!

Coldest winter in 18 years

IMG_2744 IMG_2755I have several songs running through my head that ALWAYS bring me great comfort. ‘Here Comes the Sun’,’A Little Ray of Sunshine’ ‘The Horses’, ‘Let it Go’, ‘Put Your Records On’ & ‘Three Little Birds’. These three little birds on my window were a gift from a VERY SPECIAL FRIEND to me to ‘CELEBRATE’ me now buying my home & farm (along with the bank) and starting ‘A WHOLE NEW LIFE’.  It is approaching the end of the first week here (the only human) surrounded by my two & four legged family and the feathered friends that fly in and fly out.  It has been a strange and unfamiliar load of feelings ranging from crying like a baby with life as i knew it ending…..the good, the bad & the ugly. I have no doubt that I will get through this stage and to help me I am clearing, cleaning and cleansing and a little pottering in the garden and cooking my produce WILL ALWAYS HELP!!! I am so EXCITED to finally find out who I really am.    “STAY TUNED” or NOT ha ha


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